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Natural musiclistening at its very best.
In developing the ERGO Headphones an extensive study of the human anatomy and acoustical properties of the ear and head was considered essential to the total design process. These studies showed that there was no purpose in the ERGO design to follow the herd by developing just an other headphone.
To achieve high quality, distortion-free music reproduction and maximum user comfort, with absence of listener fatigue, a headphone of unconventional design was the only solution
A) The ERGO headphone rests lightly on top of the head, the weight, mere ounces, distributed over a large insensitive surface. This light weight and soft foam headband cushion result in complete freedom of pressure and allow the scalp to "breathe" naturally.
B) A foam strip, at the rear of each speaker panel, rests lightly behind each ear. These do not contact the ears to cause any deformation, which would obstruct the natural soundfield created by the speakers
C) The speaker panels are fixed in the correct position to maintain optimum vertical and horizontal angles of sound dispersion
D) Since the speaker panels do not physically contact the ears, the intervening spaces permit a fresh air-flow from below the ears, which avoids the heat, perspiration and listener fatigue so commonly experienced with conventional headphones. Conventional headphones distort the shape of the outer ear and pump sound directly into the auditory canal depriving the ear of its natural function. Such headphones may have a wide frequency response, but by contacting and deforming the ear they lose or distort the second (indirect) soundwave information resulting in unnatural sound reproduction and listener fatigue.
In addition, by pressing the ears against the head or enclosing them completely, conventional headphones cause discomfort by closing off the free circulation of air around the ears, i.e. nature’s heat exchange system. ERGO headphones reproduce sounds, in a manner quite unlike other headphones free of colouration or distortion, clean and natural. Their unique quality of design and construction ensure sounds superior to that of many speakers on the market. With ERGO headphones, you can listen to music for extended periods of time without being conscious of wearing headphones and without the usual fatigue associated with conventional headphones.
The ERGO model 1 and 2 utilize rugged and reliable dynamic-type reproducers. Both models can be connected directly to the standard 6.3 mm (or optional 3.5mm) headphone sockets of a stereo amplifier, receiver, tape deck, CD player, TV and PC.
The ERGO 1 is equipped with two dynamic drivers with thin membrane diaphragms. Thanks to the correct acoustical placement of the drive units the sound is clear and uncoloured. The high quality sound and reasonable price of the ERGO 1 surprises everyone
The ERGO 2is also equipped with two dynamic speakers which employ neodymium magnets even thinner membranes to reduce distortion to a minimum. The result is sound reproduction which is open, transparant and uncoloured, it approaches that of an electrostatic system

employs a completely new drive unit, an Air Motion Transformer.
The Membrane works with a transformation of 5:1, i.e. the air movement is 5 x greater than the movement of the membrane. The unfolded membrane is 175 x 88 mm large. These drivers are manufactured by Precide to meet the highest quality standards, based on the Theory of Dr. Oskar Heil. The most remarkable feature of the AMT Speaker units is the extremely fast reaction to impulses, this ensures correct phase relationships and excellent fine dynamics as well as finest frequency variations. You can detect details in the music, which simply cannot be reproduced with other systems.
The unit has to be connected to the speaker output of a power amplifier with the adaptor box, which allows you to switch between headphone and speakers

connection of the Dynamic headphones

connection of the A.M.T. specifications
Go to Air Motion Transformer to learn more about this fenomenal speaker system.

Or you can purchase with the AMT headphone the dedicated AMP1 ERGO headphone amplifier, which will also work with any dynamic headphone as well. The efficiency is very high and the impedance is 3 ohms through the bandwidth. The ERGO AMP 1 has been specially designed for the ERGO AMT headphone but will work perfect with any dynamic headphone as well.


The Heil Air Motion Transformer used in the ERGO A.M.T. headphone

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Headphone amplifier ERGO AMP 1 for ERGO AMT Heil Air Motion Transformer and all dynamic headphones
The ERGO AMP 1 headphone amplifier distinguishes itself by its excellent playback quality and elegant Design.
The ERGO AMP 1 was developed for all dynamic headphones with a standard 6,3 mm plug. The power output of 3 W ensures a clean, uncoloured distortion free music re-production. In/out Cinch sockets are provided. The amplifier can be attached to CD, pre or integrated amplifiers, as long as these have a CINCH output.
In particular the ERGO AMP.1 was developed for our ERGO AMT headphone, which connects to the socket on the back of the amplifier.
The ERGO AMP 1 is supplied with an external power supply.
ERGO Amp 1 hedphone amplifier electrical data

(rms. 4 Ohm)… 3. Watt

input sensitivity: 300 mV for 3. Watt
input impedance: 22Kohm
amplification: 20 dB
frequency: 20 - 20 kHz
output impedance: 2 - 600 Ohms
outputs 1 x 6.3 mm, 1 x ERGO AMT, 1 Cinch
size: W 200 x D 180 x H 70mm
weight (w/o adapter) 1.1 Kg.
voltage: 230 AC input / 16 VAC 0.5 Amp.


Headphone-Amplifier ERGO AMP 2 for ERGO A.M.T. Air Motion Transformer headphones

The ERGO AMP 2 headphone amplifier distinguishes itself with its excellent reproduction-quality and functional fashionable design. The sound-quality is optimised with the Class A circuit and the Power- reserves guarantees a musical pleasure free of distortion.
The ERGO AMP 2 has been developed for the ERGO A.M.T . headphones, which have been used for the fine tuning in a time span of over two Years and many hour long listening sessions.

In/out Cinch sockets are provided. The amplifier can be attached to CD, pre or integrated amplifiers, as long as these have a CINCH or symmetric output.
In order to avoid possible interference the power supply is external as a separate unit.

ERGO Amp 2 hedphone amplifier electrical data

(rms. 4 Ohm)… 3 Watt pure klasse A, 10 W klasse A/B

THD: > 0,0018% 1 kHz 4 Ohm - 1 dB
S-N: > 92 dB / -1dB "A" weighted
input sensitivity: 200 mV für 3. Watt out
input impedance: 10 K Ohm / 1 kHz
amplification: 20 dB
outputs: 1 x ERGO AMT + 1 x cinch
inputs 1 x cinch, 1 x symmetrisch
Balance: in the rear (with potentio meter)
frequency: 20 - 20 kHz
output impedance: 4 Ohms
size: W x D x H: 140 x 230 x 90 mm (Adapter 100 x 180 x 80 mm
weight (w/o adapter): 1.8 Kg. (Adapter 1.4 Kg.)
voltage: Adapter: 230 AC Input / 2 x 12 VDC 1.2 A Output


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